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At some point in life, we all experience a moment when we question whether we're on the best path forward. Perhaps a relationship feels unfulfilling, we're not advancing in our career the way we'd hoped, or we're feeling unsure about a decision.

I founded Framework Associates on the principles of providing affordable, accessible psychological services from highly qualified psychologists. Through years of specialized training, our psychologists have discovered how to help you create the life you want. Together, we'll unlock ways for you to feel happier, more balanced, and better connected to your authentic self and others.

I hope you'll take a moment to learn more about us and the services we offer, then reach out if you think we could be a good fit.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Dr. Spencer Scott

Insurance Accepted

You simply pay your copay and we’ll handle the rest!

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Individual Therapy Counseling


It's easy to get stuck in life, falling into a pattern that worked for you in the past, but isn’t working for you now. Together, we'll form a relationship built on comfort, connection, and trust, and work collaboratively to help you reach your goals. 

We offer individual and couples therapy for adults.

Assessment Psycho Educational Testing

ADHD assessment

People with ADHD often feel like they work twice as hard to get half as far. Society all too often sends the message that those with ADHD are “lazy underachievers.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! ADHD is a neurological condition that can be successfully managed with proper diagnosis and treatment. Let us help you unlock your true potential!


Convenient Locations

Santa Monica, Los Feliz, or Online


Our Reviews

“I really enjoyed my session with Dr. Samji and felt very heard, like she understood me even though we'd just met. - Client

“I felt naturally drawn to Dr. Scott from our first meeting and he ended up being a healing force in my life... Thank you so much for the energy and support you gave me this year, it was much needed.” - Client

“I go on and on to my friends and family about how helpful Framework was in figuring out my ADHD. Thank you for all your work. I couldn’t believe I didn’t get my ADHD figured out years ago, it’s changed my life.”- Client