Fees & Insurance:

Framework Associates was founded on the principle of providing affordable, accessible psychological services from highly qualified psychologists. Our fees are often covered by your insurance. You’ll simply pay your copay and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Therapy : $140+ per session
  • Assessment : Please contact us for a detailed estimate that includes your insurance coverage.

We're  in-network for the following insurances:

 Anthem Blue Cross Therapist West Los Angeles
 Blue Shield Therapist Los angeles
 Cigna Therapist Los Angeles
 Magellan Therapist Los Angeles
 Medicare Therapist Los Angeles
Tricare psychologist
 & CHAMPVA for family members

& CHAMPVA for family members

If your insurance isn't listed above, we're happy to provide you a receipt of services as an out-of-network provider, and help you file for your reimbursement. 


Discounted Services:

We believe in supporting students who require psychological services to succeed in higher education. To help empower college students who are seeking to better themselves, we offer discounted services to actively enrolled students. Please contact us for more information.