Couples therapy

Relationships can bring us such immense connection, joy, and pleasure. When they aren't functioning in the way we'd like, they can also be a source of considerable pain. Let us help you rediscover the love you once felt in your relationship, and get back to a place of trust, communication, and appreciation. 

Couples therapy is an ideal space to:

  • Say what's on your mind, in a safe space, without falling into the trap of another fight. 
  • Learn how to truly hear one another on a deeper level, listening not only to your partner's words but also to their valuable emotional messages
  • Revitalize positive feelings of connection and intimacy that have been lost for too long.
  • Re-negotiate your commitment to one another, and chart the best path for the future of the relationship.


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Relationship Concerns We Work Best With:

  • Arguing & Conflict
  • Criticism of Each Other
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of Passion or Intimacy
  • Negotiation of Responsibilities or Future Plans
  • Open Relationship Structures
  • Poor Communication
  • Stale or "Stuck" Relationships

Benefits of Couples Therapy:

  • Improved Communication
  • Healthier Conflict Resolution
  • Restoration of an Emotional Connection
  • Improving Intimacy and Affection
  • Supporting One Another's Dreams for the Future