5 Advantages of Online Therapy


Post Author : Sophie Waltrip

As technology continues to advance, the digital world has become a much more accessible method of communicating with our friends and family. Many healthcare agencies in the U.S. are beginning to use innovative technologies to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact than they could before. The invention of secure, HIPAA-compliant online videochatting has allowed doctors to reach wider population, as clients can connect with their doctors anywhere at any time without having to worry about long commutes or wait times. In fact, according to a recent NPR study…..

89% of people report that they were satisfied with their online healthcare

after trying it, and

69% of people said it was more convenient than seeing their doctor in-office.

Here are five advantages of online healthcare and why many people are trying it out:

1)  Comfort—Oneof the hardest parts of therapy is often that first appointment, as it can be uncomfortable opening up to a complete stranger in an unfamiliar setting. With online therapy at Framework, you can attend therapy in a safe space where you feel comfortable being yourself—your own home.

2)  Accessibility—A large number of college students, people with disabilities, and individuals in rural areas are unable to receive therapy simply because they cannot easily get to a counseling center. However, through online therapy at Framework, you have access to a team of highly-qualified therapists without any transportation hassles. 

3)  Flexibility—It’s ironic that the most overworked, overcommitted, and over-stressed among us often have the least amount of time to attend therapy. However, online therapy at Framework allows for maximal flexibility, as you can easily schedule and attend therapy appointments completely online.  

4)  Time Efficiency—With so much to do in so little time, the last thing people need is another place to be. Online therapy at Framework eliminates the extra time commuting to therapy, looking for parking, and waiting to be seen, which allows you to have more time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. 

5)  It’s Covered by Insurance — Almost all PPO and HMO policies we accept cover online therapy! It can be daunting to wonder how you’ll be able to afford hundreds of dollars for a therapy session at another clinic. That’s why Framework is happy to accept your insurance and keep therapy affordable to you—usually only about $20 per session!


With the need for greater flexibility in our ever-changing world, online therapy is the new frontier, providing significant benefits to clients and therapists.

Ready to give online therapy a try?

Spencer Scott