Fees & Insurance

Our fees are often covered by your insurance. You’ll simply pay your copay and we’ll handle the rest!

We're  IN-NETWORK for the following insurances:

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Anthem Blue Cross Therapist West Los Angeles
Blue Shield Therapist Los angeles
Cigna Therapist Los Angeles
Magellan Therapist Los Angeles
Medicare Therapist Los Angeles
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Tricare psychologist
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Non-Insurance Fees

Our fees are often covered by your insurance. If your insurance carrier isn't listed above, you may pay our fees out-of-pocket and we’ll help you request a refund from your insurance. Our out-of-pocket fees are:

  • Therapy : $140+ per session

  • ADHD Assessment : $980+ (Reduced rate may be available, see below)

Reduced rate assessment for students

Framework was founded on the principle of providing affordable and accessible psychological services. We realize that proper diagnosis, accommodation, and treatment of ADHD is critical for a student’s success in college. That’s why we reserve several spots each month for college students needing an ADHD assessment whose insurance does not adequately cover this service. If you’re a student who needs an ADHD assessment but you do not have adequate insurance, please let us know.

Annual client portal access fee

Framework has invested in the latest HIPAA-compliant technology that allows you to register and verify your insurance online, self-schedule your own appointments, and video-chat with your therapist. We assess an annual client portal fee up to $25 to all clients, charged in either January or July, to help us fund this investment. This fee helps Framework maintain affordable services and accept your health insurance as our payment. If you are unable to pay this fee, please let us know.