Gender Identity

Feeling comfortable, congruent, and confident in ourselves is a fundamental human right. For transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, exploring your gender identity and gender expression with a psychologist can help:

  • Clarify your gender identity and expression (if you're still exploring and questioning)
  • Explore your feelings about social and/or medical transition
  • Document your gender identity for the purposes of name change petitions or medical intervention. 
  • Obtain an HRT or gender-affirming surgery referral letter from a psychologist

We strive to provide transgender-affirming services and maintain competence in gender assessment as guided by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health's Standards of Care. 

For additional information about transgender-competent medical services (endocrinology, psychiatry, etc.) in Los Angeles, check out St. Johns and UCLA



Receiving psychotherapy and/or assessment by a trans-specialized psychologist can be a very rewarding experience. While no book should be considered a substitute for professional treatment, here are a few resources we recommend: